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Leonard Johnson was the son of John & Eleanor Johnson.  Initially Ms. Cryer in her book had Leonard Johnson married to a Mary Mallihorne and there is documentation for this marriage which took place at St. Francis Xavier Church.  However, she later corrected this and determined that John Johnson (son of Leonard) was the son of Leonard & Mary (Howard)  Johnson. Thus, there is evidence that Mary Howard was the wife of the Leonard Johnson who stayed in St. Mary's County.  Mary was the daughter of Bennet Howard & Elizabeth ____.  Mary's sisters were Jane Howard & Elizabeth Howard.  This was a tumultuous time with the Revolutionary War being fought and records are hard to come by.  Ms. Cryer does indicate that Leonard and Mary were members of the All Faith Parish, an Anglican or Episcopal, Church in Charlotte Hall, Maryland.  She also has Leonard in the St. Mary's County Militia in 1794.  This Leonard died deeply in debt and she indicates an ad was placed in the Georgetown Paper for creditors to bring in their claims.  (See note below - the Revolutionary War brought devastation to St. Mary's County.  Many farmers had debts and some even chose to move to Kentucky). The final accounting was made May 21, 1802.  This Johnson is deeply tied in with the Drury family which lived about 1 1/2 miles away.  Two Johnson boys married Drury girls and one Drury girl married a Johnson boy.  In the "St. Mary's Beacon" (v16:11, p3, c1) there is a "Notice to Creditors" dated March 15, 1860 which also refers to "Johnson, John of Leonard, Sarah M. Johnson."  This apparently was to distinguish our Leonard from the Leonard who moved to Kentucky.

Leonard and Mary Johnson were parishioners at the All Faith's Parish which was located near Charlotte Hall, Maryland.  

The Johnson children, as best were know, are as follows:

Ann "Nancy" b. 1774/75
(girl) [3] b. 1776
Claire [1] b. 1778
Joseph b. 1780
(boy) b. 1782
John b.1784
Philip b. 1787
Catherine b. 1789
Richard b. 1791
(boy) [2] b. 1793
Elizabeth   b. 1795
Juliet b. 1798


[1] Not much is known about Claire.  She was unmarried as of 1829.

[2] At least one theory has this as Bennet Johnson, b. 1793 and died 1844 in Washington, D.C. He married a Catherine Long
[3] Possibly Mary A. Johnson, b. 1782, d. after 1833.  Married Richard Long.



We have several Leonards in St. Mary's County around this time.  First there is the Leonard who married Winifred.  We have his verbal will.  There is also a Leonard Johnson who married Mary Mallohorn as mentioned above. This is the Leonard that Ms. Cryer initially mistook for "our" Leonard.  However, he moved to Kentucky as part of the great mirgration there and we have a record of that move in 1785.   There is a website for these Catholic on the Frontier and it has this listing for the Leonard who moved to KY:

Johnson Leonard SMC 1785 Nelson, KY w. Mary Molohon f. (James Molohon), m. (unknown)    Children: Clement, John, George, Thomas, Philip, Polly  Mary, Ann

NOTE: Mary Ann Shoemaker is the contact person for information on this Leonard.  She is a very helpful person. She supplied me with copies of the information that she had on the book "Some Johnsons of Southern Maryland."


 The Maryland League was the first group of Catholics from St. Mary's County who migrated to Kenturcky in 1785.  It included Leonard Johnson and James Mallihorne.

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