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John Johnson, the son of John & Mary Smith Johnson, was born about  1710. What we know about him is primarily from his will probated on April 23, 1767.  He married a woman named Eleanor in about 1740.

Ms. Cryer has John leaving the land known as "St. Peters Wells" to his wife Eleanor in his will probated on April 23, 1767.  Apparently then it passed into the hands of Mile Johnson.  He then deeded it to his brother Thomas as recorded in the St. Mary's Chronicles, Transfers and Alienations.  As was usual in that time apparently his wife was only given a life estate, meaning that she could only own the land during her lifetime and could not will the land to someone else or sell it.  

Their children are listed as follows:

Mile [1]  b. Abt. 1736
John b. Abt 1738
Sarah b. Abt 1741
Thomas Bennet b. Abt 1744
Leonard b. Abt 1747
Mary b. Abt 1750
Peter b. Abt 1752
Joseph b. Abt. 1754


[1] Variously seen spelled as Milo or Mile.  I have accepted Mile as the correct spelling because it appears in several sources that way.