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For Medcalf family information you just have to talk to Ernestine Medcalf Perry.

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John Johnson, son of Willliam and Alice Johnson, was born in St. Mary's County and died April 1, 1745.  Some people believe he married a Mary Smith in 1707 who had earlier been the wife of John Medcalf.  Leona Cryer on the other hand lists his wife as "unknown."  However, thanks to Ernestine Medcalf Perry we know that Mary Smith was born about 1690.  John Medcalf was the eldest son of George Medcalf and Elizabeth Spink.  Mary was the daughter of Peter and Eleanor _____ Smith [Will of Peter Smith dated 30 Dec. 1717].  John Medcalf died intestate and John and his new wife Mary made the final accounting of his estate showing that Mary had remarried. 

We have a will for John Johnson leaving his "plantation" ("Hopewell") to his wife.  At her death it was to go to Peter.  If Peter had no heirs then to Thomas.  John was given the plantation on which he lived at that time ("St Peters Wells") and Susanna was given one feather bed.  This information comes from Maryland Calendar of Wills, 1744-1749, Vol. 9.  Ms. Cryer also notes, and this is reflected in the Rent Rolls, that there was an "Addition" to "St. Peter's Well" surveyed January 17, 1726 for John Johnson.  Ms. Cryer has just this addition of 104 acres being conveyed to Philip Key on August 4, 1736. However, as we noted earlier there is evidence the St. Peter's Wells Tract was conveyed to Phillip Key.  For a fuller discussion of this problem see here.

Children for John and Mary are:

Peter b. 1705
Thomas b. 1707
John b. 1710
Leonard b. 1713
Jesse b. 1715
Mary b. 1717
Susanna b. 1720