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Joseph Johnson, son of Leonard & Mary Howard Johnson, was born in 1780.  He married Mary Ann Drury on September 22, 1812.  She was the daughter of Michael Drury and was born in 1783/84.  Joseph Johnson owned 10 slaves in 1820.  In 1822, he lived on, and managed Michael Drury's farms.  At the caveat hearing he was the best friend of the children of his wife, Mary Ann Drury, and the children of his sister Catherine, the wife of Michael Drury, Jr.  Ignatius Joy, another son-in-law was managing the farms at the times of Michael Drury's death.

According to some sources this Joseph married a second time to a Mary Yates Johnson.  Ms. Cryer in her book "Some Johnsons of Southern Maryland" however has the Joseph Johnson who married Mary Yates as descended not from Leonard Johnson but from John Johnson, son of David & Belinda Johnson.

Their children, listed in the caveat to Michael Drury's will, and indicated in the 1820 census are:

William b. 1813
Joseph b. 1814/15
John b. 1818
Ann Elizabeth b. 1819
Michael b. Abt. 1822
Richard B. b. 1825