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Ann Nancy Johnson, daughter of Leonard & Mary Howard Johnson, was born in 1774/75.  On July 13, 1796 she married Stourton Edwards of the King and Queen Parish.  He was born abt. 1770.  He was the son of John Edwards.  Stourton Edwards attended Christ Church in Chaptico, Maryland.  He was a subscriber to the 1778 St. Mary's County Oath of Allegiance administered by Henry G. Sothoron.

According to Ms. Cryer, in the settlement of Leonard's estate he and his wife jointly and severally obliged themselves to pay or cause to be paid Joseph Johnson the attorney.  He was the auctioneer for the sale to settle Leonard Johnson's estate.  He owned "Beggers Neck" , which reached to the Potomac River between Breton's Bay and St. Clements Bay. This area is now known as Newtowne Neck.  On March 5, 1806 he and his wife deeded "Blindman's Bluff," a part of "White Haven" to Mary Howard Johnson.

According to one source, Ann Nancy Johnson &  Stourton Edwards moved to Hampshire Co, Virginia in approximately 1806. Later they moved to Marshall Co, IL. where Ann died in 1850. 

Children, if any, are unknown.