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Philip Johnson, son of Leonard & Mary Howard Johnson, was born in 1787.  According to Ms. Cryer, he married Juliet Johnson in abt. 1812.  She was the daughter of James & Mary Johnson.  She was born in 1792/93 and died after 1833.  Philip also died after 1833.  Children are not known.

Philip Johnson, sworn on the part of the caveators to the will of Michael Drury, said he knew Michael Drury but that he knew very little about him.  Liber E.J.M. 1, p. 101.  He was named as the husband of Juliet Johnson in the final disbursements of her father James Johnson's estate on June 11, 1833. Philip married Juliet Johnson, descendant of David Johnson (see page in David Johnson history)

Child is:

Joseph b. Mar. 21, 1812