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Geo. Edward Johnson


George Edward Johnson, son of Joseph L. and Mary Yates Johnson, was born September 7, 1852 in Bushwood, Maryland.  He died September 3, 1930 in Oraville, Maryland.  According to Ms. Cryer he lived on the Morganza-Oraville Road in 1910 and was a general farm employee.  He married Johanna Long, daughter of John H. Long and Mary Catherine Dixon.  Joanna was born in 1859 and died in 1927.  Both are buried in "new" St. Joseph RCC Cemetery in Morganza, MD.

Children were:

John Frederick b. Feb. 1878
George Webster b. Oct. 1889
Joseph Mitchell b. Jan. 27, 1883
Mary Virginia b. Nov. 1884
Mattingly "Gibbons" b. Apr. 3, 1887
Catherine Ethel b. Nov. 1889
Francis Vernon b. Apr. 3, 1892
Ruth D. (Sister Johann) b. Nov. 1895
Edward "Garry" b. Jan. 1897
Isaac Lester b. May 1899
Leonard Bethleham b. Jul. 9, 1903