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George Webster Johnson, son of George Edward Johnson and Johanna Long was born in October of 1880.  He died in 1920 and is buried in St. Joseph RCC.  He married Elinor T. Payne in 1902.  She was born in 1876 and died in 1965.  She was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah E. Long Payne.  She is also buried in St. Joseph RCC Cemetery.

George Webster Johnson was Elinor Payne's second husband.  He first husband was Luke Knott.  They had two children Gladys Madeline Knott and Eunic Knott.  In 1910 Elinor Johnson, with children Madeline and Eunice Knott, J. Adrian, Mary Elsie, Eleanor Cecelia and Christina Johnson was living on the Laurel Grove-Morganza Road with her mother Sarah E. Payne, widow.  Eunice Knott, Eleanor and Thomas Johnson were living in 1989. 

Children are:

Joseph "Adrian" b. 1905
Mary Elsie b. 1905/06
Eleanor Cecelia b. 1908/09
Agnes Christina b. 1910
Virginia b. 1911/12
Thomas George b. 1913
Francis Xavier b. 1915