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Joseph Spencer Johnson, Sr.

Susan Claire Thompson Johnson


Joseph Spencer Johnson, Sr. was the son of James Claude Johnson & Martha Marie Russell Johnson.  He was born December 20, 1914 and died October 10, 1987.

He married Susan Claire Thompson, who was born on December 6, 1913. Susan Claire Johnson passed away on April 9, 1997.

According to Ms. Cryer he served as a Sgt. in World War II.  His tombstone also lists him as a Sgt. in World War II. 

The pictures on the left show him in his U.S. Army uniform.


The wonderful pictures on the left were supplied by Susan Johnson Gagliardi.  They show Joseph Spencer Johnson and his wife Susan Claire Thompson on their wedding day.  The second picture shows Joseph and Susan with their parents James Claude Johnson and Martha Marie Russell Johnson.


Children are:

Joseph Spencer, Jr. "Joe" b. Aug. 31, 1948
James Claude II "Jimmy" b. Jul 9, 1950
Susan Marie b. Jan. 10, 1952
William H. "Billy" b. Nov. 10, 1954
Margaret Ann b. Oct. 3, 1958