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Last Will & Testament


 Hillary E. Johnson

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Thanks to Judy Jarboe


Hillary E. Johnson was born April 22, 1832 and died April 27, 1915.  He is buried at St. Joseph RCC Cemetery.  He was a son of John & Sarah (Drury) Johnson.  He married Ann Marie Thompson (b. May 1, 1842, d. November 7, 1924) the daughter of John Barton and Ellen P. (Gatton) Thompson.  They were married on July 18, 1864.

Martha Johnson, Hillary's mother was living with him in 1860.  He owned the farm known as "Locust Grove" containing 100 acres valued at $700.00 and located in Oakville, Maryland.  Thanks to Judy Jarboe we have a copy of Hillary's Last Will & Testament (transcription)

Children are:

Stephen Hillery b. Jan. 1865
Daniel Phillip "D.P." b. Oct. 1866
Nancy C. "Nannie" b. Mar. 16, 1868
Mary "Lucy" b. Feb. 24, 1870
John "Andrew" b. Nov. 1871
Francis Franklin "Frank" b. Mar. 12, 1873
Ignatius "Stanley" b. Feb. 1876
Harry [1] b. 1877
Benjamin James "Clarence" b. Aug. 6, 1879
James "Ernest" Hillery b. Oct. 28, 1882
Ella Pauline b. May 1883


[1] Died in infancy on October 17, 1979, aged 2 years, 6  months.  Buried in Old St. Joseph's RCC Cemetery.