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NAME: Power, John Sanders    

DATE OF WILL: April 19, 1775

DATE OF PROBATE: July 24, 1775

To son Clement Power, Negro man Sam and Negro boy Charles, stock saddle and 100 pounds of crop tobacco. 

To dau: Johnson, WIFE OF JOHN JOHNSON, 1 shilling she already having  gotten her share of estate.

To: Wife Jane Power, extr., provided she does not marry all remaining part of personal estate with use of all lands and improvements during life and then to my 4 sons Clement, John Evangelist, Philip and James and Thomas Power Equally, but if wife marry she only to have 1/3 of estate for life and residue of estate equally among my 8 unmarried children, John Evangelist, Philip and James, Thomas, Mary Ann, Jane, Elisabeth and Eleanor Power.     



John Sanders Power     122.178     SM     588.0.6     August 16, 1775   October 18, 1775

Creditors: Hanson Briscoe, Edward Burrage

Next of kin: Clement Power, Catharine JOHNSON

Executrix: Jane Power


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