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Family Tree


Robert Freeburn, son of Hill Freeburn & Martha Glynn Freeburn, was born about 1775 in Upper Paxton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  He died in January 18, 1858 in Halifax Twp., Dauphin County, PA.  He married a Elizabeth Bower/Bauer on May 10, 1833.  She was born on September 12, 1783 and died after 1840 in Middle Paxton, Dauphin Co., PA.  She was the daughter of Michael Bower/Bauer and Veronica Lane/Lehn.

Robert must have served with his brother John Irwin in the War of 1812. See, John Irwin.  One website source (Travis Genealogy) citing "Footprints of the Freeburn Family in America" on p. 3, indicates that Robert borrowed money from his father-in-law, Michael Bower to purchase property and was unable to repay it.  This land was later sold at auction and bought by Robert's brother-in-law, John Bower.  Robert became bankrupt and on the tax lists for Dauphin County his children were listed as having to be educated by the county.  From 1810-1817 he is on the tax lists as a renter ("inmate").

Freeburn children were:

Samuel Willoghby b. Abt. 1802
Elizabeth b. 1804
Michael b. 1805
Mary b. 1807
Irvin b. Sept. 16, 1810
Sinton/Clinton b. Jan. 1, 1813 or 1818
Daniel b. Abt. 1815
William Blade b. Aug. 6, 1817
James b. 1819
Frances b. 1821