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Family Tree


I would like to thank Carman Freeburn who contributed so much to my research of the Freeburn family.  Thanks!

Hill (also seen as Hil) Freeburn was the first Freeburn family member that we have records for.  Perhaps he was "Scotch-Irish" (see history).  He was born, according to author Paul Drake, in about 1745.  He married a Martha Glynn in Philadelphia's Christ Church on Thursday, October 27, 1768.  There is no record that he served in the military during the Revolution and he died in 1808 in Halifax Township in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  His will (full text) set out his bequests to his various children as follows:

"beloved son John one dollar, or seven shillings and six pence of lawful Pennsylvania money."

He then gave similar amounts to his other sons, Thomas and Robert and to his daughter Catherine Irwin.  To his daughter Mary, who married Dan Shaeffer and to his sons Daniel & James he also left money.  They payment to John was to be made one year after the death of Hill and his wife or upon the occasion of her remarriage.  Upon his death, or that of Martha, whichever was later, Samuel was to have the "plantation."  Mary was at that time also to have (in addition to the money bequest) the household furniture. The residuary clause in his will provided that his son Samuel should receive all of his remaining personal property, subject to a bequest to Martha of 1/2 of the "rents, issues and profits" from the entirety of his estate during her lifetime.  (Will signed 18 May 1804, probated 28 March 1808).

According to one source (Travis Genealogy) citing "Footprints of the Freeburn Family in America," Hill owned 200 acres of land in 1788, 1791, 1793 but by 1795 he was down to 100 acres.

Freeburn children are:

John Irwin, Sr. b. August 26, 1769
Thomas  b. Abt. 1773
Robert  b. Abt. 1775
Catherine b. Abt. 1777
Mary b. Abt. 1778
James b. Abt. 1780
Daniel b. Abt. 1782
Samuel b. Abt. 1784
William b. Abt. 1786
    2nd Marriage (?)


Hill & Elovina (Elna) _____ Freeburn



According to at least one other very reliable source Hill was married to a second wife name Elovina (Elna) ____ Freeburn.  She is listed as having died on January 22, 1843 at the age of 82.  According to "Our Freeburn Ancestors & Related Families" by Marian Wise & Mildred Bradley,  Elovina is buried in the Hill Cemetery in Halifax, Pennsylvania along with the known descendants of Hill Freeburn.