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William Benjamin Johnson, son of Rhodie Johnson and Marie Hebb Johnson was born on February 19, 1906.  He married Lillian Maria "Lil" _____.  She was born on July 13, 1918.  They were living in Compton, Maryland in 1990. 

According to Ms. Cryer, William never left Gilbert Hill Farm.  When he married his father and mother moved into a small tenant house on the farm and worked five acres of land, leaving the balance of the farm for William

Their children:

Gloria Jean b. Jul. 13, 1945
Dorothy "Dottie" b. abt. 1948
Joyce Elaine b. Feb. 22, 1952
Walter Francis b. May 22, 1953
Carolyn Marie b. June 6, 1954
Mary Cecelia b. Jul. 17, 1955
William Benjamin, Jr. "Billy" b. Jun. 27, 1957
Donald Aloysius "Donnie" b. Aug 1, 1958
Michael Philip b. Sept. 30, 1960
Deborah Susan "Debbie" b. Nov. 20, 1963