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Mary Victoria "Tora" Johnson, daughter of William Edward & Mary (Raley) Johnson, married James Henry "Jim" Cryer.  Victoria was born in March of 1867 and died in 1960.  Jim was born in December 1854 and died in 1937.  He was the son of William Henry Cryer and Elizabeth Ann Thompson.  I find one cemetery listing for their child Oscar Melvin Cryer.  Both Victoria and Jim are buried in the St. Aloysius Catholic Cemetery, in Leonardtown, Maryland.

Elinor was the second wife of Jim Cryer (his first wife was Noema C. Goldsborough).  Ms. Leona Cryer recorded that she made the best flour pancakes using starter batter instead of baking powder.  Starter batter was left-over batter held over day by day for making the new batter rise.

Cryer children listed as follows:

James Lucius b. Jun. 1887
Catherine "Leda" b. Oct. 1891
Mary Roberta "Bertie" b. Jan. 1895
Lucille Alice b. Jul. 1896
Helen b. 1897
Oscar Melvin "Jack" b. Jul. 1898
Paul "Brother Bill" b. 1901