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Dr. Leonard B. Johnson & Mary Edith Morgan Johnson







Leonard B. Johnson was a physician who was born on June 9, 1867 and died November 28, 1962.  He was the son of Uriah & Clarissa (Sherkley) Johnson.  He and his wife are both buried at St. Joseph RCC Cemetery.  On January 19, 1897 in Washington, D.C. he married Mary Edith "Mamie" Morgan (b. December 15, 1873, d. February 9, 1958) of Friendly Hall, Helen, Md. and Georgetown D.C.  However, the The Beacon, (January 21, 1897) issue has them being married at Friendly Hall, Helen, Maryland.  They had no children by 1910.

Regina Combs Hammett in her book on the "History of St. Mary's County" has this piece on Leonard:

Dr. Leonard Barthalomew Johnson

History of St. Mary's County
Regina Combs Hammett
p. 247

The June 1, 1911, Beacon reported the purchase of an I.H.C. automobile by Dr. L. B. Johnson who had also recently finished "his handsome new residence on his Morganza farm."

It is believed in my family that Dr. Johnson Road in St. Mary's County is named after Doctor Leonard B. Johnson. 


Leonard B. Johnson, M.D.

Leonard Bartholomew Johnson M.D.
b. June 9, 1867 - d. Nov 28, 1962  Husband of Mary Edith Morgan Johnson; same stone St. Joseph's Catholic (new)
Source:  Burials from Tombstones, Grave Markers, and Church Registers of St. Mary's County Maryland (1664-1994) Page 312 by Janet Tice.