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Charles Llewellyn Johnson & Agnes Hayden Johnson


Charles Llewellyn Johnson, son of Uriah & Clarissa (Sherkley) Johnson, was born on February 19, 1865 and died on June 8, 1931.  He is buried at St. Joseph RCC Cemetery along with his wife Agnes.  He married Agnes Adele Hayden (b. June 9, 1866, d. January 24, 1954) on December 31, 1889.  Agnes Hayden was the daughter of Zackariah Hayden and Mary Sophia (Johnson) Hayden. Ms. Hammett in her book "History of St. Mary's County Maryland", has a list of St. Mary's County Commisioners.  On p. 433, for the year 1926 she lists a "Charles L. Johnson, 3rd Commissioner district."

Mary Evangaline Johnson married  a Earl Landis.  She died  July 20, 1976. Yvonne E. Johnson married Fannk Leach. She died September 21, 1954. Clara Elaine married Z. Hayden Mattingly.  She died on July 25, 1976. Joseph married Ellen Hansell.  He died November 27, 1964.

They had 12 children as follows:

Robert M. b. Jan. 3, 1891
Clara "Elaine" b. Aug. 23, 1892
Bryon L. b. Feb. 4, 1894
Yvonne E. b. Oct. 24, 1896
Charles Kavanaugh b. Sep. 15, 1898
John Faber b. Feb. 24, 1900
Mary Evangeline b. Apr. 29, 1901
Joseph Delberth b. Mar. 27, 1905
James Alfred "Jack" b. 1906
Chris Sheldon b. Sep. 18, 1908
Henry M. b. 1910/11
Carol J. b. 1912/13


Charles Llewellyn Johnson
b. Feb 19, 1865 - d. June 8, 1931 Marker or Register Information: Husband of Agnes Hayden Johnson, same stone


Source:  Burials from Tombstones, Grave Markers, and Church Registers of St. Mary's County Maryland (1664-1994) Page 309 by Janet Tice.