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Bernard with (r) Walter Johnson (l) Clifford Johnson & Father Bradley Johnson, Jr.

House at Blair's Purchase



Bernard Ignatius Johnson was a cousin of  my father, Raymond J. Johnson.  He was the son of Julius & Mary Lillian (Mattingly) Johnson.  He was born on September 5, 1927.  He died just recently on September 18, 2000. He was a school teacher and school principal in St. Mary's County for many years.  Here he is seen with my uncle Walter Johnson and uncle Bradley Johnson.  His mother, Lillian Mattingly Johnson must have also been active in education.  Ms. Hammett has her listed at p. 161 of "History of St. Mary's County, Maryland" as serving on the County Board of Education in 1928 and 1933.  On the left is a wonderful picture supplied by Janet Evans Standish, showing Bernard as VP of Margaret Brent High School in Helen, Maryland in 1964.  The picture is from her 1964 yearbook. 

Bernard was the owner of "Blair's Purchase" which had come into the family from Julius Johnson's marriage to Mary Lillian Mattingly.  Mary Lillian inherited the property from her parents, Ignatius Mattingly & Susan Blair.  It is said that Bernard assisted Leona Cryer in writing her book "Some Johnsons of Southern Maryland."

Unfortunately he died without a will and there is presently a contest taking place over the ownership of "Blair's Purchase" pictured here.  Bernard may well be the last Johnson to own this property depending on the findings of the Orphan's Court.

Some Additional Pictures of Blair's Purchase