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Table of Contents

Family Tree

Marvin & Delma Rigelman

Program for 40 year anniversary

The Rigelman Kids

Front: (l-r) Jane & Jill Back (l-r) Karl, Heidi, Gretch & Hans


Marvin Neal Rigelman, son of Benjamin Lewis Rigelman & Fritzella Marion Heins, was born November 15, 1921 in Red Wing, MN.  He married Delma Ruth Chellberg, daughter of Frederick Leonard Chellberg and Clara Victoria Olson Chellberg, was born September 15, 1924 in Welch, MN. They were married on June 25, 1947 in Red Wing, MN.  They honeymooned in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Marvin served in World War II in Europe in Patton's army.  After World War II he began a career in the U.S. Postal Service.

Delma was pretty busy raising 6 kids but now finds time to volunteer at the local historical society and the library. 

Rigelman children are:

Jane Karen b. Apr. 16, 1948
Jill Susan b. Mar. 22, 1949
Hans Frederick b. Apr. 10 1955
Heidi Ann b. Feb. 23, 1956
Gretchen Amy b. Nov. 6, 1960
Karl Benjamin b. May 27, 1966