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Table of Contents

Family Tree


Charles Riechelman was born on December 15, 1803.  It is believed he was from Bremen, Germany. Also born in Germany were his wife Elizabeth and his eldest daughter, Amelia C.  He immigrated to this county and first settled in Illinois.  Since his oldest daughter was born in 1851 and his first son in 1854 in Illinois he and his family must have immigrated in the period from 1851-1854.  His first son was born in Illinois in 1854, but his next four children were born in the Hay Creek area of Goodhue County, Minnesota.  He was married to Elizabeth _____.  Charles died on March 15, 1871 and Elizabeth, who was born in 1822 died on January 11, 1877.

Children were:

Amelia C. b. Mar. 9, 1851
Ernest b. 1854
Amaldus b. May 7, 1855(8)?
Mathilda b. 1860
Charles II b. Mar. 20, 1863
Ferdinand b. Jun. 7, 1866