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Leonard Johnson, son of John Johnson & Eleanor (______) Johnson, was born about 1713 and his will was probated on February 19, 1775. He married Winifred _____, who was born about 1725. Names of any children are not known. Ms. Cryer indicates that this Leonard and Eleanor Alvey were the godparents of Elizabeth Alvey, baptized at St. Joseph RCC by Rev Joseph Mosely, S.J. on March 22, 1761. She indicates that Leonard made his will by word of mouth as follows:

I give all my estate to my wife, Winifred Johnson, until my youngest child comes of age unless she marries again, in which case I desire that the children may take their parts.

Father Wathen's St. Inigoes and Patuxent congregation of 1794 included Winifred, Anna, Elizabeth, Peter, Nelly, Joseph and Jonathan Johnson.