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Another theory has our original Maryland ancestors as Peter & Ann Johnson of Patuxent.   While some have suggested that Capt. Peter Johnson may have been the original ancestor of our Johnson family this seems unlikely given Ms. Cryer's research. Peter Johnson, of Patuxent River, immigrated in 1651 [ Liber ABH, Folio 140] along with his wife Ann [Liber ABH, Folio 140] and two children Peter Johnson [LIBER ABH, Folio 140] and James Johnson [Liber Q, Folio 3]. For transporting himself and his wife Peter received "The Ordinary", a freehold containing some 60 acres and "Manor of St. Mary's", a freehold containing 400 acres. These were located in St. Leonard's Creek Hundred, Calvert County, Maryland and were surveyed for Peter Johnson on July 17, 1651. He also received "Johnson's Start", a freehold of 150 acres in St. Mary's County, surveyed May 11, 1652. He received "Iland Neck" for transporting his son James. This was surveyed April 26 1658 and was located at the mouth of Ireland Creek in Calvert County. "Iland Neck" and "Manor of St. Mary's" , including the 400 acres surveyed for Peter Johnson on July 17, 1651 were surveyed for James Johnson on July 17, 1658. Ms. Cryer notes that the "History of Calvert County" indicates that Capt. Peter Johnson also received "Johnson's Fresh" called "The Brewhouse" located opposite Morgan's Fresh heading out of St. Leonard's Creek.

Ms. Cryer notes that Capt. Peter Johnson was a leader of the Puritans and that he commanded the Militia during the Puritan Regime in Maryland. Our relative all appear to have been Catholic and thus it was unlikely that they would have had Puritan roots. When the Puritans took control of the government, Ms. Cryer notes that Capt. Peter Johnson was a member of the Provincial Government."

Capt. Peter Johnson died in 1655 and his widow remarried William Dorrington, who managed the Johnson properties while the children were minors. He later moved to Dorchester County. Ann Johnson Dorrington willed "The Brewhouse" to her eldest son Peter and "Iland Neck" to her son James.

Capt. Peter Johnson had three children.


1 Peter Johnson ( 16??-1655)
   + Anne
......2 Peter Johnson
......2 James
......2 Mary