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Alen T. Johnson was the son of Joseph & Mary E. Yates Johnson.  He was born on February 3, 1827 and died on September 5, 1888.  He married Mary Cecelia Moreland, daughter of George W. Moreland.  She was born June 30, 1835 and died September 12, 1888.  On her tombstone it appears someone has tried to re-carve the inscription.  Both Alen & Mary are buried in the Old St. Joseph's Cemetery near Morganza, Maryland.

Alen T. Johnson was living with Richard H Reeder, a merchant, and working as clerk in 1850.  In 1854 he was Postmaster of the Chaptico Post Office.  by 1860 he had a farm in the 34d District, Leonardtown and was farming.  In 1870 he was Postmaster of the Morganza Postoffice.

Children were:

James Lafayette bap. Feb 24, 1856
John W. b. Jun. 1857
Mary E. b. 1864/65
Edna b. Mar. 1870
George Moreland b. 1871/72