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This web page is the joint effort of William R. Johnson and other Johnson family members, including Thomas F. Johnson.  All errors, omissions and mistakes are no doubt mine and mine alone.  Research on the families of early St. Maries (early spelling) County is difficult because the land records, often the only way to establish a family line for sure, were tragically lost in the courthouse fire of 1831.   However, Ms. Linda Reno is attempting to reconstruct these land records on her excellent website St. Mary's Families  The authors have attempted to document their source materials as accurately and completely as possible.  See, Bibliography  Any comments, corrections or new information is always gladly accepted.  

This web page is intended purely for the enjoyment of the members of the extended Johnson family.   If you are interested in authoring or adding a page to the existing pages please notify William Johnson.  I would be happy to design and add a page for you and your branch of the family.  I have a scanner and can add photographs, or a letter, or any other materials which might liven up your web page.