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Annie "Eliza" Connelly b. 1886 d. Oct. 8, 1970 m. (1st) Jack Abell (2d) Peter Henry Johnson, dau of James L. and Sarah Bradburn Connelly
James Henry "Jim" Cryer b. Dec. 1854 d. 1937 m. (1st) Noema C. Goldsborough, (2d) Mary Victoria Johnson, son of William Henry and Elizabeth Ann Thompson Cryer
Oscar Melvin "Jack" Cryer b. Jul, 1898 (D.C.) d. 1940 hus of Alice Blanche Brown, son of James H. and Mary Victoria Johnson Cryer
Mamie Harden b. May 1879 d. 1961 wife of  "D.P" Johnson, dau of Thomas Harden
Daniel Philip "D.P." Johnson b. Oct. 1866 d. 1957 Mamie Harden 13 Apr 1898, son of Hillery and Ann Marie Thompson Johnson
Francis Franklin "Frank" Johnson b. March 12 1873 d. May 3, 1947 hus of Rose Frances "Fannie" Spaulding, son of Hillery and Ann Marie Thompson Johnson
Joseph Albert Johnson b. April 26, 1915 d. May 7, 1983 son of Wm. Albert and Lula E. Wathen Johnson
Mary Gladys Johnson b. Feb. 16, 1899 d. Feb. 12, 1987 wife of Joseph Leroy McNey, dau of D.P. Johnson and Mamie Harden Johnson
Mary Victoria "Tora" Johnson b. March 1867 d. 1960 wife of James Henry Cryer, dau of William Edward and Mary "Liza" Raley Johhson
Peter Henry Johnson b. Oct. 1873 d. 1962 m (1st) Flora Catherine Love (2d) Otelia S.___, (3rd) Annie Eliza Connelly, son of Joseph S. and Eliza C. Mattingly Johnson
William Albert "Alfred" Johnson b. Nov. 18671 d. 1957 m. (1st) Mary Adeline Adams (2d) Lula Elizabeth Wathen, son of Wm. Edward & Liza Raley Johnson
William Robert "Sonny" Johnson b. 1921 d. 1968 hus of Eva Lucretia nee Johnson, son of Earnest and Mary Rosalie Cooper Johnson
Joseph Leroy "Mac" McNey b. Jul. 13, 1899 d. Aug. 27, 1974 (D.C.) hus of Gladys Johnson
Rose Frances "Fannie" Spaulding b. Jul. 20, 1877 d. Jul. 27, 1954 wife of Francis Franklin Johnson, dau of James and Jane Ann Mattingly Spaulding
Lula Elizabeth Wathen b. 1895 d. Jan. 9, 1989 wife of Wm. "Alfred" Johnson, dau of John T. and Margaret Edwards Wathen