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All Faith Episcopal Church

Photo Copyright Peg Richardson 2001


Located in Charlotte Hall, Maryland.  Many thanks to Peg Richardson for the photograph.   Gamers may have Laura Croft "Tomb Raider" but we amateur genealogists have something better, Peg Richardson "Headstone Hunter." Leonard & Mary Howard Johnson were parishioners at All Faith's Parish. The following quote is taken from the Episcopal Churches in St. Mary's County website:


"All Faith, Charlotte Hall. The first log church at Huntersville was built prior to 1675 before the All Faith Parish was established in 1692. The building was rebuilt in 1693 and replaced by the present colonial brick structure in 1767. It was renovated in the 1800's and stained glass windows, pews and chancel furniture were added. In 1954, following Hurricane Hazel there was more renovation and a stained glass window added above the altar.  The church features a barrel-shaped ceiling, slave gallery, and old hand-wrought hardware. Early Rectors of All Faith were Robert Scott, 1709-1733; Hugh Jones, 1724-1733; John Urquahart, 1733-1744; and John Stephen, 1767-1786.